Tuesday, October 5, 2010

shake em up shake em up shake em

Before moving on to the rest of NY/Milan/Paris woman's wear I thought I'd revisit some menswear collections I failed to mention....

 Antonio Azzuolo

At first glance it can appear to be a bit to much to take in it once, but once you set aside the styling and look at each individual piece it becomes quite simple; Basic color blocking(which I loved BTW), basic stripes, just with a lot of bold coloring which I really really liked by the way. Also really liking the  pantaloon short things, quite a bit more fitted then  Yohji's this season obviously....A more wearable version, that is if you consider pantaloon like pants wearable...

Not really sure how to feel about the boxy 80's power suit blazers...But thats OK because I really liked this collection, and there really isnt a whole lot to say about it other than it had really amazing cuts, really great tailoring and a fantastically bold color palette which gave me the warmest of warm feelings inside...Not to mention those shoes ughhh give me...

Patrik Evrell

At first I was kind of mehh towards this, but the more I look at it the more love flows from the computer screen into my heart...The T-shirt sweater over button up combo is basically what won me over. I will admit it has a lot of the annoying design tendancies I tend to pick out, but being the hypocrit that I am, I'm willing to overlook them. Mostly becase of the sweaters and shooz, but also because the shirts and shorts etc look really well cut and seem like they would be nice to wear.

But I'm not going to overlook the awkwardness of the jackets, so weirdly fitted. I am not really huge fan of over sized ill fitted jackets, so I may be bias to this I dont know. But I just really hate them, they would make you look like a huge box.  But most all the suits and well most everything were really clean cut looking , minimal and just really really nice to look at it.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

All I have to say is John Bender, and this just looks like a continuation from SS 09.
Not gunna lie though I do love those striped T's.

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