Sunday, October 3, 2010

Prada SS 11

I'm not exactly sure what was going on at Prada. I get that Miuccia was going against the whole minimal resurgence, but then again I don't get it...Scrub dresses...I can't even...Seriously what is going on here. I cant say I'm surprised the menswear and cruise collections kind of foretold this...What ever "this" is exactly. Well I like the concept behind this, but the way it was delivered was uhhh just a little much...

Normally I wouldn't question you Miuccia, but once again what is all of this?!?! I wan't to love it I do, I wish I could be all "OMG I LUV PRADAZ DEZIGN STATEMENT TOWARDS THIS NEW MINAMALISM". But as you can tell I do not...Its not even just the prints or the awkwardly cut over-sized shoulder's etc...Basically all the fabric looks really cheap and like it was sewn out of extremely uncomfortable fabrics from fabric land or something. The prints, seriously, what the fuck bananas? Cherubs? Next time you're having a weird tropical themed acid flash back Miuccia, maybe try to do it away from your design board....Just sayin...

Miuccia obviously didn't completely steer away from minimalism ending the collection with some nice and simple black dresses (Which I also hated), I'm assuming these are to help you come down from the eyesore sensory overload that was the rest of the collection.
These shoes would be great if it wasn't for that weird platform, it reminds me of those shoes old people wear when one of there legs is longer than the other one....Seriously though what was the point of adding that I will never understand some of the things you do Miuccia.

But these shoe's were unbeweavable if I do say so myself ^

No more of this pleaaaaaaaaasssse!
Prada SS 11/Calvin Klein FW 10/Jil Sander mens FW 09.

wtf @ Annie Lennox's daughter Tali walking Prada

......This is now necessary

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