Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sara Burton for Alexander Mcqueen

I have been anticipating this for some time now as I'm sure many of you have...
It obviously isn't and wont ever be the same with out Lee designing at McQueen but I think it's safe to say Sara Burton has proved herself as the best suited designer for the label.
This season almost read like a McQueen greatest hits collection, which is to be expected considering the events that lead to her becoming creative director at Alexander McQueen. It's pretty obvious and would be foolish to think that the Gucci group or Sara Burton would want to take the label in a completely new direction. On that note the only thing like that I could see happening is maybe more wearable, commercially viable pieces.

But thankfully now it seems like Sara's come as close as she can for a designer in this situation to take on where Lee left off. It will be interesting to see Sara become more comfortable designing for the label and add more of her own creative vision into the label in future collections.  I'm very interested to see where Burton will take Alexander McQueen. I'm very anxious to see what the results will be once she starts putting more of herself into the label...

All that aside....Sara Burton said she would like to add a more feminine, tender qualities to the designs for the label. Said qualities are defiantly very apparent here. Such a beautiful homage to McQueen, I'm really loving everything in the collection. Being that it clearly was an homage, referenced by past collections I don't feel like there is really a lot to say about it. I really cannot wait though to see Sara Burton creative vision be more apparent in the future.

RIP Lee McQueen

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