Friday, August 6, 2010


In this edit we see the effects of the BP oil spill told in a story told by Steven Miesel, featuring none other than Kristen Mcmenamy playing the part of a dying animal bird? clad in from what I can tell is Ann Demuelemeester.

This story speaks tremendously of the environmental crisis that the gulf and its wildlife are currently faced with...Its nice though to get a dose of reality along with the fantasy in fashion. When Miesel references social issues he just gets it so right, I mean seriously these images are so powerful. Might I add that Kristen is such an amazing model you can really see the despair in her face and eyes, she has such intensity, I just cant get over the look in her eyes, its haunting.


  1. This is really amazing stuff

  2. wow... very startling. Interesting way of sending out that message through fashion photography.


  3. Shocking...what a creative way to demonstrate the catastrophic effects of the spill...and the model did a wonderful job, her eyes show the same sadness as the poor, helpless birds who have to suffer...Great stuff

  4. I loaned some accessories for this shoot which I don't think made the cut, but now I really wish they did!

  5. definitely haunting...and so memorable.
    xxo alison