Saturday, October 30, 2010


So this season Marc Jacobs, clearly was feeling a little 70's....and I was feeling a little bit of deja vu, mostly on the part of Marc Jacobs own signature line. All I have to say about that is Tom Ford for Yves Saint Laurent Yes I am aware of the apparent inspiration by the film "Taxi Driver", most of it to me at least felt more Tom Ford YSL than anything else. Obviously aside from the hats that is.

I really want to love all of your collections Marc, but I just cant this is too much. Especially going from last seasons minimal wonderland, to this 70s tacky catastrophe. Jesus Christ please never again Marc....UGH can these prints not...I just cant even...seriously?
You're all probably shitting yourselves over this because it's "Marc Jacobs" ...and for some reason maybe some of you actually like this, but lets be real people what in the fuck is this tacky shit....Seriously, No.

I'm not going to completely hate on all of this though, because there are individual pieces I was fond of. I.E. Baby dolly wrap and this little wrap number.
So onto Louis Vuitton....What I loved I really loved and what I hated I really really hated. Being the giant hypocrite that I am, what I criticized Marc for doing at Marc Jacobs I for the most part loved him for doing here.

Most of the tacky prints at Louis Vuitton were just so right, here for the most part he presented being tacky in a good way I just can't get enough. But when they were bad, they were really really bad. I mean seriously can we not with the monogram lace, what was all of that. Basically all the criticism I had for Marc Jacobs at Marc Jacobs I have for his collection here at Louis Vuitton.

So what I did like first of all were most of the chinese suits/dress etc. I'm a sucker for a good chinese suit, mmmm.  Although I did hate a lot of them especially the ones that used of color blocking. Though there was a lot of bad color blocking there was also a lot of really really good color blocking....That goes for the use of tassels and fringe as well... 

What really got me though were the floral and animal printed dresses/suits. The fit's and silhouettes of the dresses,  were all extremely sexy, it was obviously  not subtle at all, but in a good not sleazy way. They just kind of worked, perfectly....Not only in the dresses but most everything in the collection the one thing everything had in common were an amazing fit.

This collection was a sensory overload but, it was a nice change from the extreme over use of minimalism. So Marc for that I salute you.

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