Monday, September 27, 2010

Rodarte SS 11

This is probably the most wearable collection from Rodarte ever.  I'm loving the 70s/earthy vibes wood prints etc. Most of the collection kind of reminds me of if a basement bar/den from the 70s was transformed into a collection mixed with like futuristic hippie earth vibes...I know...Anyways, I'm really glad they chose to shed the use of draping in favor of a more refined, cut focused collection. I'm so happy this season didn't look like a bunch of bed sheets draped over one another for once..yay, and they also didn't go for any knitting either...Yes! could it be the end of multiple layers and overdone knits from Rodarte. Also I actually really liked the laser cut leather pants, jackets, everything as unflattering as they all may be.

The collection was all over the map as usual. It was inspired by red woods, shit in there back yard when they were growing up etc...So where did the reference to the Asian vase dresses come from exactly? Which I didn't really care for that much, but I did like the color palette..I didn't really care for most of the dresses actually, but the great cuts on everything else made up for the horribly awkward layered dresses and what have you. I don't really get the point of the underskirt nonsense on the dresses, they just felt unnecessary. The dresses would have been  better off without, but I guess those quirks are what makes Rodarte, Rodarte and I would probably be complaining that the collection didn't feel like Rodarte without such things. I'm guessing the new design approach is accompanied by the rumored LVMH aquirement of Rodarte, which I hope brings more new and less knitting, layering.


That is all.

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