Thursday, September 2, 2010

I believe that the earth is a big ball of shit

Proenza Schouler & Harmony Korine Present "Act da Fool"
I cant even..... whaaaaat... The mood, the atomosphere, I just love everything about this so fucking much, seriously....I think its best described by the designers themselves.(see below)

This definitely explains the soundtrack at the show("born 2 be fly"- fly girlz), and shares the story behind the collection which btdubz made me fucking love it even more...Its actually really kind of inspiring. You can totally see the "Kids" reference that they talked about in the video below, or at least I did anyway. Subtle as it was aside from Harmony Korines style of filming. Though it seemed more like "Gummo" than "kids"  to me....

I wish more designers would share the story behind there collections like this. I feel like most people when they see a collection they just see the clothes and/or the superficial aspect of fashion, and don't see the story or inspiration behind it. I think things like this show that there is depth to fashion and that its not just a dress or a pair of pants but there can be a story or a great deal of inspiration and thought behind them. Fashion really can have a great deal of depth and emotion at times and isn't just something superficial (I feel that way at least).  I think things like this show that to some people who probably would have thought other wise..... WATCH NOW AND FEEL THE MAGIC. 

Jack & Lazaro talk about the film and the inspiration behind it.

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