Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Beautiful, magical, and water proof...What more could you possibly ask for in a collection.

This collection looking back now, is almost surprisingly minimal for Junya, But as always he adds a certain certain level of subversion , that sets himself apart from other designers. This collection Blended functional and futuristic, with reversible dresses, plastic covered water proof skirts/dresses, and those insane head pieces...Some of which turned into a dress or skirt, not to mention those plastic ones that reminded me of atoms. Junya Watanabe head pieces are so amazingly perfect, seriously Phillip who?

To me a lot of the suites and dresses looked more alien than futuristic especially those cocoon like wraps?, definitely a lot more subtle than Mcqueen, but still very apparent. There were some not so subtle Hitchcock vibes going on here (at least not to me) I love how he reinterpreted the 60s style dresses towards the end of the collection with a more futuristic shape/cut, updating them if you will.

This is by far my favorite collection by Junya, this collection is explains why is work is amazing. There's a level of depth to it, along with a kind of auto ironic presence and innate design, that is incomparable with most other designers.

Photos courtesy of Style.com