Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm not sure what exactly my problem was but kenzo seemed to have completely slipped my mind this season, and now that I see this I am reminded once again why I need to slip into debt by buying a 2000$ khaki suite.

 Jail stripes, water color prints, perfectly belted sandals what more could you ask for in a collection? Everythings so 1950's French, mixed with a bit of Japanese. You really cant go wrong with a Kenzo suit they're so fucking perfect, and so timeless buying one is going to be one of my top priorities for next season...obviously....I really dont think life would be worth living without a water color Kenzo suit, or a khaki one..what ever one go's on sale first.

On a side note:

Left:Kenzo SS 11 Right:Marc by Marc SS 10

I'm willing to let this slide....

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  1. I never noticed the mbm and the kenzo thing until now....