Tuesday, August 24, 2010

David Anderson SS 11

So I'm definitely feeling a heavy Rick Owens/rad hourani influence here(toned down version almost) with a subtle Christopher Bailey mixed with Gareth Pugh vibes...BUT that doesn't mean I didn't like it, cuzzzzz I defiantly did...This collection has alot of pieces that are perfect for some serious layering, I mean just look at those sheer t-shirts, drapey cardigans, textured tanks and chain linked mesh?..casual....I'm normally defiantly not a vest person, I actually really kind of have a strong hatred towards them most of the time, but I actually am really liking these...Loving some even? The most perfect part of all were the pants, I know I tend to go for the pants erialot, but this time I really mean it when I say that I love these....I have been searching for pants with a carrot/exaggerated fit like these for quite some time now....Please David bestow a pair of these beauties upon me.

The cuts on some of the jackets were kind of awkward, I mean seriously cropped jackets wtf? I'm not really sure if they were going for a more deconstructed look I get what they re trying to do but really? That go's for the ripped leggings/socks as well, they just reminded me of a 13 year old girl trying to be goth for the first time, it left me feeling a little uneasy, and I feel like it really took away from the whole look of the collection, I was left wondering why they had included them at all....On a side note I apologize for that one models face and actions walking down the run way (you know what one) did they include crystal meth in some of the gift bags or something? ..........ANYWAYS all that aside, I really did like the collection more than not, and would really love to incorporate alot of the pieces into my wardrobe..

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  1. I love the hair, and the boxing shorts are really interesting