Wednesday, June 30, 2010

she gave me the heebiest of jeebies

Yohji Yamamoto
Every season i have something to look forward to with yohji yamamoto, i don't think I've ever really been disappointed by a collection, and this season is no different. I really love the 1800's kind of peasant vibe thats going on here...the buckles on the shoes and hats and stuff, reminded me of like witches/warlocks/lepricons even?....most of all i really like the over sized fits on most everything in the collection...i always like the way he takes a reference but approaches it alot differently than most designers would.. 

relaxed, cool and minimal, perfect colour blocking. Normally i'm not really a fan of colour blocking, but this season at marni it just seemed so right.I want everything thing in this collection...starting with the suits... thank you Consuelo Castiglioni for giving me something to dream of at night.

There aren't words to describe my ever growing,undying love for lanvin all I could think of is...Amazing, the textures of the fabrics, the almost effortlessness the styling, everything about it is impeccable, as usual.

Jil Sander
After 1657765657453543 years of neutral tones and the occasional pop of color...The 90's minimalist raver in Raf(obviously we are on a first name basis by now) finally broke through and leaked onto the drawing board this season at Jil Sander.I really love the digital flower prints on the button ups, alot..probably to much, I really like digital prints...Anyways, another thing that caught my eye was the over sized fits and the layering- jackets over blazers etc etc..

Junya Watanabe
I love when junya goes nautical and he's been doing it since he first started doing menswear-for all of you saying hes jumping on board the "nautical trend". Anyways....junya watanabe jackets always appear to be tailored perfectly and so well made..timeless.Jacket wise with junya I always have something to look forward to season after season. Another thing I really like are those striped pants... I die...I think they are denim..i cant really tell but they remind me of like a train engineer from the 20's or something, and that makes me love them, and the shoes @!@!@@#@$#))#@)$#@ I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE!!!

Alexis Mabille

obviously this collection was extremely androgynous, but I feel like Alexis Mabille goes there without taking it to far(dress at comme). If you take away the styling you're still left with pieces that could be worn in a more masculine way ex: the shirts/jackets mostly, but also some of the more neutral pants (black biege) ..I really feel that this season was a step in the right direction for Mabille, following his previous collection full of horribly awkward cut pants, revolting prints, robes, and quilting?? which,at the time led me to believe the mens line would be over just as soon as it started. Now however I feel like Mabilles in it for the long run.

Dries Van Noten
Punk London 70's 80's vibe...i.e:bleached denim/boots. but with some demure pieces as well i.e.:suit jackets, shorts..cardigans etc, combined with some contrasting accents, leather belt/cardigan mix...its all about the details

Gaspard Yurkievich
Clean cut, and somewhat innovative use of layering...i really like the shorts undershorts/tights under shorts? the subtle, deffintly not overwhelming use of animal print, and the perfectly awkward fit of some of the jackets, especially the tshirty like sweater jackets with the over sized shoulders and what not.

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  1. i loved marni, but i really didnt get what direction dries was going in