Thursday, May 6, 2010

GIVENCHY fw 10/11 campaign

I'm surprised at how early this came out, anyways...I really, really enjoy looking at the fw 10/11 givenchy campaign by mert alas and marcus piggot , it is simple and amazing, the color contrast between the bright reds , the hair and the backround makes it very alluring in a way, its very similiar quite to last seasons campaign but there is just more of a contrast to it wich i like, its simple without being boring....

campaign photos :


  1. Love (I think it's Iselin Steiro?)'s hair.
    That whole washed out pastel hair is so now.

  2. i think its malgosia bela ..according to
    but i know i really like it, espeically catherine mcniels

  3. I love Givenchy's pictures.