Thursday, March 18, 2010


i was browsing through the opening ceremony website and discovered new reasons why i should not have a credit card....omg k this blazer seriously i need it in my life its by patrick bad its 1,000$, it would wear it with like a black button up shirt and like white cropped pants with oxford and some like colourful socks, or just with black pants and a black button up, i love you blazer.

k and this patrick ervell shirt with the same print as the blazer i love, i would wear this with a cardigan buttoned up with the shirt buttoned all the way with like grey old pant pants rolled up with white socks or something and like black shoes of somesort.
 omg and these doc martens i love them there so 90's i want them on my feet this instant!!!!!!!!!i would wear these with everything
i love these shorts too you could wear them with like anything plain up top, i dont really like mixing prints so i would wear it with like a cardigan and a button up or like a short sleave polo with like doc martens and some sort of coloured socks or something
ok these stephan snider pants remind me of like railway orkers in the 30's /40's i think im going to have to buy them because i feel as though i would be do an injustice to myself if i did not have a pair of pants like these.....
ok i dont care what anyone says just because these are sweatpants it doesnt make them anyless amazing i have been looking for pants like these for ever and you could wear these with anything, like seriously anything,
i would probably wear it with a black blazer and a white tshirt and boots wooo...........
woooooooooo i love opening ceremony

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