Saturday, February 6, 2010


ok so this season in mens wear i noticed quite a bit of 1950's  60's 70's and even some 1800's inspiration .......which I loved
first there was bottega which obviously had a lot of modernism to there collection with the cuts of the sweaters and what not but I also got kind of rock&roll vibe from it i.e. the tight leather pants ect, but i also got a 1950's type thing going on with the pomaduers and the straight legged cropped jeans that were cuffed at the bottom.... the corderoy suites with the cropped trousers andand then there was the jerry lee lewis looking suites with the metallic jackets and bowtie thing, , which i thought was actually really cool, and i want one of those stringy bowtie things, i really liked this whole collection.



And then there was Dolce&Gabbana ok so this collection reminded me alot of sherlock holmes, oliver twist and all that fun stuff ok stating the obvious this collection appeared to be very late 1800's early 1900's inspired it reminded me of oliver twist because of the news boy caps, and all of the kind of grubby long john pants and knitted sweaters but it was grubby in a really really good way, this collection also reminded me of sherlock homes( in a more subtle way then say john galliano's recent collection or alexander mcqueens fall 09 collection mostly)mostly because of obviously the knitted pea coats velvet jacket/suites/vests, the trousers, smoking jackets and boots .... the boots, how i loved the boots!!!! they were already perfectly worn in looking , which means you dont have to spend precious time wearing them in yourself... they too modernised alot of the pieces with the use of denim and leather(duh) this was by far my favorite collection by dolce&gabbana i want basically everything in it.


Gucci obviously very 70's it usually is.....This collection made me think of like 70's swingers, boogie nights and 70's LA and Miami for obvious reason's....camel, loafers, fur, turtle necks velvet corduroy what looked like suede and the pants, the pants were actually really cool they had buttons at the bottom that you can obvioulsy button an un button to fit your personal pant prefrance.....and there was this one fur coat in the collection that i would if i had a first born child i would trade it for that coat, sorry peta dont hate me but that coat is beautiful and it was ment to be me mostly, i will have that coat one day,  anyways i love you Frida Giannini please give me a fur coat.

Moschino was very 50's to me mostly because of the leather, the hair and the cropped denim that reminded me of greasers, there were a few pieces that stood out i thought one being the green suite that i really liked that was like late 590's early 60's buessiness man, still proffesional but addinng your own style to it ala the green, and the khaki / leather biker jacket which i really want ,  paired with once again cropped pants, basically same reasons for bottega being retro apply to this collection in my eyes.


Prada prada prada........prada made me think of like 70's journalist working for a small paper, breaking a top story/college student haha i dont know why....probably because of the blazers the camel and the sweaters attop of a button down shirt, the sheap wool i dont know collerd jackets i seriously loved those, it was obviously a really classic collection but once again modernised with alot of the prints...camo...but again there were also 70's prints i thought with the more colourful printed jackets but once again modernised, i feel that this collecion would be im a 70's collge news paper wrighter breaking a top story in 2010 which made me love it, espeically the jackets.

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